Attract Top Talent to Atlanta from around the Country

The Atlanta technology startup scene has really blossomed over the last few years with further investment and development of environments like the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), Atlanta Tech Village (ATV), and the Hypepotamus. Many Atlanta startups (such as DocTime) are attracting the best local talent from GA Tech, but what does Atlanta need in order to attract great talent from other amazing schools throughout the country? One idea is to combine some the best attributes of the ATDC, ATV, Hype, and Y Combinator into an exclusive Tech Tropolis incubator.

Here are some of the ideas for the Tech Tropolis:

  • Stand alone 6 to 8 story building in West Midtown Atlanta
  • Exclusive and competitive application process w/ acceptance of only a handful of startups each year where the founders must have a technical background
  • Top 2 to 3 floors would be free furnished apartments for founders
  • Bottom floors would be dedicated to free office space for founders
  • Free catered lunch & dinner Sunday through Thursday so founders can soley focus on building their business
  • Expectation to live and work in the Tech Tropolis for 1 full year
  • $75,000 initial investment from the Tech Tropolis in exchange for a small percentage of equity
  • Monthly outings such as laser tag, whirly ball, habitat for humanity, braves or falcons game, etc…

When starting a company some of the most time consuming and biggest challenges are office space, living space, having enough money, remembering to eat after hours of heads down coding, and the list could go on and on. The idea of the Tech Tropolis is to help completely eliminate all of those distractions and give founders a pure complete environment to thrive as entrepreneurs with the least amount of worry.

What else is Atlanta missing to attract the best talent from across the country? What else should the Tech Tropolis include for founders?

1 thought on “Attract Top Talent to Atlanta from around the Country

  1. Tropolis should partner with third party specialists outside of technology. Deliver trusted relationships with law firms (labor, ip), accounting firms, marketing groups, PR, all things that successful startups would need to consider as they grow. In lieu of retaining any of the above at early stages, or god forbid hiring, perhaps monthly pro-bono seminars.

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