4 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Improve Company Culture

As a fast growing healthcare startup, we are always looking for ways to expand our amazing culture and continue providing the best place to work. A company’s culture is not something that is completely controllable, but it is something that can easily be influenced a number of ways. Every startup, no matter the size, can easily afford the following inexpensive ways to influence the company culture:

  • Weekly Wins is an email sent out on Fridays (typically by the same person each week) with single line highlights of team member accomplishments such as: Bob crushed a huge implementation, or Susan hit her monthly sales quota in 3 days. A fun twist to also include a funny weekly flop at the end of the email such as: Mike ran straight into a door spilling coffee all over himself. The person behind the weekly wins email usually sends an email around on Thursday asking for team input for weekly wins.
  • Weekly catered pizza is a very inexpensive way to bring the entire team together while enjoying a free meal compliments of the company. Eating together as a team is one of the most social parts of human culture and fits well into any company culture.
  • Provide annual Costco memberships to all employees. The membership is a nominal $50 per year, but so many employees appreciate this small gesture.
  • Monthly car washes paid for by the company for all employees. We are lucky enough to have a car wash person onsite at our building, but there are plenty of car wash businesses that will travel to you. The car wash is around $20 per car and is something every employee really appreciates.

I am sure there are hundreds of simple inexpensive ways to help improve culture around the office, but the above methods have worked well for QGenda.

What are some of the ways you help influence company culture where you work?