Software Tools Used to Build a $100M Business

When talking to other business owners, I often like to find out what tools they rely on to grow and build their businesses. At QGenda, our company is made up of 5 main departments, which include: Engineers, Sales, Accounting, Software Development, and Human Resources. We are fortunate to be growing fast as the physician scheduling market leader, and use a wide array of software tools in order to maintain our high customer retention rate while staying ahead of the competition. Below is a description of each department and the tools we are using to build a $100M business.

Engineers – This is our largest team and will have 55+ people by July. They are responsible for new customer implementations, existing customer retention, product feature testing, and amazing customer service. (Zoho CRM,, Trello, RingCentral)

Sales – Our sales team is made up of BDRs, Account Executives, Marketing, and Management. The team is growing fast and will have 35+ people by July. (Zoho CRM,, Yesware, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, EchoSign)

Accounting – The accounting team is responsible for all QGenda finances including accounts payable, revenue recognition, and account receivable. (Zoho CRM, Intacct Accounting Software)

Software Development – The dev team currently has 6 people and has plans to double by end of summer. They are fully responsible for all new product development. (BitBucket Repository, Jira, Browser Stack, Hip Chat, Mercurial, Balsamiq Mock Ups, Visual Studio, SendGrid, Amazon Web Services)

Human Resources – In addition to hiring 40+ new employees, the HR department handles all internal matters related to a fast growing software company. (The Resumator, Skype for Interviews, Zenefits, Concur Travel Management)

Many entrepreneurs feel they have to buy the latest & greatest most expensive tools to be successful, but in reality, the best businesses form a solid foundation with an amazing culture, product, and customer base long before the need for many of these tools.

What software tools do you use everyday?