One New Startup Per Year

A personal goal of mine is to be the seed investor & advisor in at least one new startup per year. In 2014 it was TapCue, a healthcare communications platform, and in 2015 it was ProRata, a fintech application to simplify deferred revenue recognition in QuickBooks for subscription based businesses.

Here are a few ideas or areas of interest for a 2016 investment:

  • An application focused solely on helping brand new college grads find their 1st career opportunity. At QGenda we physically attend 30+ career affairs per year ranging from as far north as Wisconsin all the way down to Florida, but imagine if we could look at candidates from 300+ schools! Existing similar idea:
  • An all in one HR application for companies with 1 to 300 employees. This application would offer automated employee on-boarding, payroll, time off tracking, employee benefits administration, employee review tracking, and several other HR specific tasks that need autopilot. Existing similar idea:
  • Proximity based mobile app to easily provide a financial tip without using physical cash. For example, a valet driver would use the app in tip receiving mode, and the car owner would simply provide a tip by selecting the valet driver from a list of near by tip receivers.

Coming up with the idea for a new startup is the easy part, but finding the right co-founders to embark on the 8-10 year journey is the hard part.

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